Santa Eulalia de Ujo- The church in Asturias

At the point when you see a Gothic or Renaissance church, it is anything but difficult to anticipate that the sanctuary could be an advancement of a Romanesque church, which throughout the hundreds of years has been extended and screed. Be that as it may, in the Asturias Central Mountain you can see an alternate advancement of an old Romanesque church which was corrected because of modern improvement. Explicitly I mean the congregation of Santa Eulalia in the area chamber Ujo Mieres, whose unique structure was adjusted to Romanesque from the get-go in the twentieth century to encourage the augmentation of the course of the railroad line to move the then effective coal creation.

In Ujo there was a little Romanesque church that goes back to the XII-XIII, with a solitary nave and east-west which was a stage in the Asturias Camino de Santiago. Be that as it may, in 1922, with plans to grow to more courses passing the railroad line beside it, with the aim of upgrading the vehicle of coal from the mining valley, it was chosen to obliterate the noteworthy Romanesque church and thus, construct another north-south direction. This new church of Santa Eulalia de Ujo is the thing that you can see now beside the railroad station, one of the principle squares of the unassuming community of Mieres.

In any matter, curiously, when constructing the new church it was chosen to utilize three components of the past Romanesque structure. The most significant is the old apse, presently you’ll see a side house of prayer on the east side of the new sanctuary. Additionally the spread was reutilized, presently confronting north and keeps the first sculptural gatherings. At long last, they additionally utilized bow enhancement that shows up on the current moved apse. In this manner, we can say that the current church of Santa Eulalia de Ujo is a Romanesque church however it is an inquisitive Romanesque church. Truly, during the visit of this congregation, the minister moved grumblings about the breaks that are shaping in the congregation working because of rail traffic to what is taking Renfe reaction. At last will they come back to change the congregation to spare another conceivable destruction?

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